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Vectorworks 2019 SP1
Vectorworks 2019 SP1 | 2.4 Gb
Vectorworks, Inc. has released its first Service Pack (SP1) for the Vectorworks 2019 product line. Among a number of enhancements, Vectorworks 2019 SP1 fixes two major bugs introduced with Apple's recent release of macOS Mojave.

"Vectorworks 2019 SP1"

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Vectorworks 2019 SP1
Vectorworks 2019 SP1 | 2.4 Gb
Vectorworks, Inc. has released its first Service Pack (SP1) for the Vectorworks 2019 product line. Among a number of enhancements, Vectorworks 2019 SP1 fixes two major bugs introduced with Apple's recent release of macOS Mojave.

General fixes in SP1:
- A more streamlined process
- A large number of general stability improvements
- Significant improvements to annotations and other container editing performance
- Numerous fixes to undo operations
- Fixes to issues related to object rotation
Vectorworks 2019 Service Pack 1 Release Notes:
The following issues were addressed for Vectorworks 2019 Service Pack 1. This is a list of bugs that were fixed or wish list items that were fulfilled. The information comes directly from the bug database as entered by the users who filed the issues.
Issue IdTitle
VB-97859 The Archi Height field does not appear.(Pilaster)
VB-111917 roof faces are not trimmed when joined with connect/combine tool
VB-121859 "Set Position" doesn't work with a "Feature in Wall"
VB-122731 Swapping size modfier with 3D-Modeling tools
VB-124054 Feature in Wall doesn't support the button "Set PositionR30;" in the OIP
VB-124457 Workspaces: Two shortcuts in Viewer.vww are inconsistent with other workspace files.
VB-125557 Subtract object from slab crashes v2016
VB-129039 No roof component exported in IFC
VB-129980 Site Model: Extend Minimum/Maximum Value error message displays unnecessarily, and multiple times.
VB-141380 Ifc Data Mapping; not possible under sharing environment
VB-142282 Outlet of irrigation tool is snapped inside a wall if the last click ends on a wall
VB-143632 Slab Gets Darker Highlighting Fill When Zooming after Multi-View is Enabled
VB-144958 Tab Key doesn't work properly in the "Add New Revision" Dialog
VB-145216 Instrument Insertion Tool doesn't work properly in Rotated Plan View
VB-147569 Site Model: Extend min/max issues
VB-148021 The Landmark>Existing Tree Survey File command ignores the user origin.
VB-148126 Georeference of images is ignored
VB-148402 Title Block doesn't show the size of a custom sized page in the Revision/Issue History worksheets
VB-148434 When using a Reshape tool, the shape of deformed object is not displayed.
VB-148624 VW crashes when you invoke Resource Selector with arrow down key (Win only)
VB-149027 Structural member fails to show in drawing after insertion redraw issue
VB-149055 Lighting device snaps to hanging position wrong in 3D
VB-149178 Floating Data Bar showing additional values after pan
VB-149689 Export IFC 4 doesn't work
VB-149699 2D Boundaries Area pane title
VB-149703 Fit Top/Bottom of Space to Objects
VB-149715 During text entry a small rectangle starts flashing in Title Block Border Settings dialog (Win only)
VB-149763 Additional data shows up after using middle mouse button to navigate document
VB-149807 Referenced Symbol Gets Converted to Hybrid When Edit Operation is Cancelled
VB-150636 Editing Swap Graphics for Flipped Plugins Fails to Show Alert
VB-150679 Top Component shows when you switch to edit 3D in a 2D Symbol
VB-151267 Lighting accessories do not always follow device rotation
VB-151294 Perspective menu switches options incorrectly
VB-151368 Attempting to open test file causes Vectorworks to run out of memory
VB-151406 Import Revit: File imports, but objects are invisible in Vectorworks
VB-151426 Objects from the profile group are not visible if you edit the group from the annotation of the viewport
VB-151448 IllegalBoxFailure DSTOP CheckThisObject - found box ID 0 that is just a point in tdType 13 t 4.45111 l 4.36562 r 4.36562 b 4.45111
VB-151499 SIA dimensions trailer drawn differently in VW2019 compared to VW2018
VB-151584 Cosmetic Issue with Object Info Palette of Site Model (Windows Only)
VB-151585 Win - Class Name Search in Class Popup Fails When Name Has Hierarchical Representation
VB-151607 Slab IFC Export triangulation Issue
VB-151805 Very slow to open Resource manager
VB-151874 Stair Tool Custom Inset
VB-151987 Seating Section Text Options
VB-152113 Parameter pull-down for Text in Title Block shouldn't display Issue Data and Revision data with Fundamentals serial number
VB-152117 Marionette; external python libraries not installing
VB-152123 Switching pre-made filters while using search doesn't show the expected results
VB-152205 Snap Highlighting is displaced
VB-152210 2D/3D Symbols change to the same Design Layer after Convert To Truss being used
VB-152213 Thumbnail view of the plant symbol in resource browser is Front insted of Top/Plan
VB-152259 Can't export the PDF when selected the PDF/A-1b with the Format.
VB-152269 "Set Position" function in "Feature In Wall" doesn't work properly.
VB-152270 Array Objects are created in white. (Surface Array)
VB-152272 Hanging Position (symbols) object can not be placed.
VB-152278 "Activate Object Info Palette" doesn't work.
VB-152295 Align and Distribute tool failure. All move to 0,0.
VB-152342 When a new resource is added with detailed list view, the preview on the left side of the resource name will not display.
VB-152344 In Railing/Fence Tool, checks of "2D View With Post" and "2D View With Overhang" may not be reflected in the preview.
VB-152367 2D Component Edit Modes Show the Wrong Orientation for Rotated, Flipped Plugins
VB-152370 Tile Fills Fail to Show in Swap Graphics Edit Modes for Plugins
VB-152407 In a specific case Import DXF/DWG or DWF fails to show the Import options dialog
VB-152423 Activating "Viewport View" in VP In-Place Mode Causes Symbol to be Edited
VB-152453 Replace Truss Type: Errors in this dialog
VB-152487 When selecting the symbol of Custom Leaf, a symbol different from the selected symbol is set. Win only
VB-152500 Data visualization does not work with IFC
VB-152514 3D space geometry created with fit to roof in wrong location
VB-152552 There are fields that aren't updated after update worksheet of Sheet Border and VAA Title Block
VB-152553 Document Setup dialog doesn't remember status of the Use Title Block Border checkbox for old files
VB-152557 Flattened DLSVPs Disappear After Sheet Layer Viewport is Updated
VB-152562 Data tag tags too many objects
VB-152569 Classes Drop down does not expand easily and does not remember
VB-152590 Beta Alert action error using space styles eta Undo Alert 9
VB-152593 VW Crashes When Attempting to Create SVP That Causes Circular Reference
VB-152610 Saved View or Sheet Layer name doesn't show in the dialog box which appears while publishing to PDF.
VB-152615 OpenGL with lines: Some lines are missing, although crease angle is 90 degrees
VB-152620 In the Create Viewport dialog, the "Display with Clip Cube" option may be grayed out.
VB-152622 Title Block Border - Does Not Fit to Page Correctly
VB-152671 "Set View" button in "Create Viewport" dialog box is active when invoking, regardless the setting of "View".
VB-152672 The Vectorworks Class and Layer is not displayed on the DWF Export Layer Mapping dialog.
VB-152680 Hatch lines change place / structure when viewed in the Sheet Layer
VB-152691 Instruments not inserting at to correct height
VB-152698 Top component disappears when switching to 3D while editing it
VB-152701 Surface Sculpting Tools Use "Automatic" Face Highlighting
VB-152714 Event Seating - Seating record does not save properly
VB-152717 Line Types on Circle doesn't scale properly
VB-152722 VW Crashes After Revit Import of Some RFA Files
VB-152725 Beta Undo Alert 4 when you put a PDF in the Data Tag layout Group and move it
VB-152730 Horizontal Section: Snaps in Viewports are not working
VB-152744 EAnalysis::data::External::CEXternalSystemList::LoadSystemParams rather slow
VB-152748 Crash when working with a site model file
VB-152750 Specific Framing Member configuration created in 2011 has changed, starting in 2013
VB-152756 Seating section, recreating the section with same symbol will fail to show the symbol correctly
VB-152771 Drawers in Base Cabinets are moving from their original location in 2019
VB-152794 Total files is displayed incorrectly on RFA Import Result dialog.
VB-152797 Worksheet: doesnt summarize objects with the same values in 2019, it does in 2018
VB-152815 Publishing Printing Set with Custom Names only with the Custom Naming scheme template
VB-152821 Worksheet reports in Title Block Manager not being created
VB-152830 Printable area size popup missing values
VB-152842 Braceworks is throwing off the undo system
VB-152847 Marker symbol changes from what is selected
VB-152864 Background Image Fails to Get Re-Imported Into VW
VB-152908 Insert Load Distributed Mode changes the load weight in weird ways when switching between total load and dist load modes
VB-152916 Spotlight number does not bring up the out of range field
VB-152967 resizing the class and layer in the view bar results in a incorrect redraw of the windows
VB-152977 In Viewports "Use embedded design layer viewport settings" is not functioning.
VB-152991 Horizontal Section: Slabs above cut plane not visible
VB-153007 DWG/DXF/DWF batch import problem.
VB-153008 Simple Elevator Catalogs: Rear wall door opening width not updating with item from catalog
VB-153018 Crash When selecting Build List on Instrument Summary Tool
VB-153043 When set to IFC Version 4 is executed Export IFC Project
VB-153046 Horizontal Section: Several kinds of objects above cut plane aren't displayed
VB-153047 Title Block Border - Converting From VAA Title Block Does Not Transfer Stamp Attributes
VB-153052 Title Block Border - Converting From VAA Title Block Does Not Link North Point Locus to Record
VB-153053 Title Block Border - Adding a North Point Locus to TBB Styled Symbol Turns on North Point
VB-153093 Viewport Out Of Date border always shows even when disabled
VB-153098 Import Point Cloud: if double-byte characters are included in the file path or the file name, PLY format files can not be imported.
VB-153099 No highlighting in Sculptor Tool of Site Model
VB-153109 When you edit layout of a styled data tag object from the annotation of the viewport the text object doesn't display in its boundary
VB-153122 Text Appears Cut-Off In Viewport Swap Graphics in Recent Builds
VB-153129 Plugin Swap Graphics Show Incorrectly in Edit Mode When Top/Plan Display Shows Cut Objects
VB-153136 OpenGL Options dialog, use textures/colors causes objects to appear bad in the drawing
VB-153155 In Space Tool
VB-153165 DXF Import - problem with some decomposed polys with many vertices.
VB-153174 Tab Behavior in New Numbering Dialog
VB-153180 IFC Data Mapping 2.0 - The isn't any mapping for the Hex Bolts
VB-153184 IFC Data Mapping 2.0 - IfcDistributionFlowElement entity - ObjectType formula has 2 mistakes in it
VB-153200 Some symbols fail to create railing and fence, generates error in the drawing
VB-153235 When you insert blended screen an alert message displays
VB-153240 Log Out dialog has unnecessary nonfunctional links
VB-153242 TCamera::LookAtMatrix crashes when called with NaN coords.
VB-153249 Crash in ISDK::ConvertPolylineToPolylineWithOnlyArcVertices
VB-153250 DWG Export - Dimension text size is wrong
VB-153261 3D Label Legend labels placed exponentially far away
VB-153276 Opening Build list on Spotlight Key forces shutdown
VB-153308 Class Drop down not remebering expanded categories
VB-153328 VW crashing on quit on windows
VB-153339 Framing member custom profile not working
VB-153341 New 2019 VS commands have unformatted tables in the HTML version of the Script Function Reference
VB-153361 DWG Export - Vectorworks color White exports wrongly.
VB-153369 Design Layer Viewports Fail to Get Sent to AutoTURN Online
VB-153376 NavPal class search doesn't expand results
VB-153399 Beta Alert Appears When Undoing Layer Change for Tagged Objects
VB-153401 Adjust Flipped Text in Viewport not working
VB-153405 Script error when you call the preferences dialog of Pilaster tool and Run script in developer mode is turned on.
VB-153420 Spotlight numbering "Unit Number" param numbered wrong
VB-153421 Value for Total number sheets is changed on drawing area when you open Title Block Manager
VB-153429 Data tag: Leader isn't placed correctly on a drawing area when you turn on Use Leader checkbox in the Data Tag Style dialog
VB-153447 DWG/DXF Export. Crash while exporting complex line type.
VB-153448 3D Orientation of Lighting Device in elevated layer wrong
VB-153452 Shadows in Renderworks Do Not Get Cast on Building Geometry
VB-153467 BIM Data - #SPECIALPSET# not showing correct IsExternal Value
VB-153475 Data Tag Flips when Wall Style Data Mark Is Changed
VB-153476 Plant catalog is not being updated
VB-153488 Incorrect dimensions for Title Block Border displayed
VB-153489 Title Block - Parameter double in list and not converted correct
VB-153500 Data tag preference dialog doesn't display correct values after you use Undo command
VB-153514 Data Tags Calculate Perimeter Incorrectly When Imperial Units are Used
VB-153531 Spotlight Numbering Auto-Increment won't revert to [ 1 ] after creating a {Saved Setting}
VB-153537 Revit Import - Problems After New Teigha Integration
VB-153539 Paving Class/Curb Class pop up doesn't redraw after you expand it
VB-153583 Translation error in Railings Dialog Window
VB-153608 2D Components: Edit 2D Component of rotated PIO has selection and selection highlighting issues
VB-153611 Data Tag not working on objects in Horizontal Viewports
VB-153614 Insert Instrument Rotation Issues
VB-153616 Component Edit Mode selection highlighting and snapping is rotated for Window in Wall
VB-153626 ProjectSharing: Deleting structural member maybe corrupt undo table
VB-153628 Saving Hardscapes and Slab Styles (Components)
VB-153630 Symbol Options dialog: missing word in new string
VB-153632 Resource Manager - Unwanted Spaces in Symbol Name
VB-153647 Marionette; Control Point node doesn't scale properly
VB-153649 3d label legend with container type shows container type in top plan
VB-153663 Spotlight Numbering - Preset does not recall primary direction
VB-153673 PDF Import Fails in VW 2019 on Windows
VB-153725 Can create a filter without name in the Viewport Layer Properties and Viewport Class Properties dialogs
VB-153728 Filter Preview should display Sheet Number and Sheet Title
VB-153729 Hidden Object Display by Class dialog doesn't save list of classes
VB-153737 DXF/DWG automated test shows font mapping dialog.
VB-153743 Bridle tool very slow
VB-153747 Reversed Bridle inserts at the wrong height
VB-153751 In Space Settings, "Subtraction", "Create Contour Line" is not reflected in Drawing."
VB-153760 Better naming in MVR Exports
VB-153761 Unit Number and FixtureID are incorrect in MVR
VB-153764 Added text appears upside down when editing a label legend 3D layout
VB-153765 Metric Architecture Templates Use Millimeter Units Instead of Centimeters
VB-153767 Architecture Templates Don't Use the Page Setup Specified in Task Doc
VB-153779 Data Tag shifts incorrectly based on door swing
VB-153784 "Architect (Metric)" Template Uses Inconsistent Default Title Block Settings
VB-153807 Data Tag in Viewport not seeing objects that are cut
VB-153808 Strange behaviour tabbing through values on OIP
VB-153814 Some Default Wall Styles Have Component Bounding that Doesn't Fit Templates
VB-153815 "Use at Creation" Option is Disabled for "Roof-Main" Class in Metric Template
VB-153816 New "Blank" Templates Use Default Story Levels that Don't Match Default Wall Styles
VB-153817 Story Level Offsets Don't Match the Values Specified in the Task Doc
VB-153818 Default Story Levels Fail to Include "Top of Footing" Level
VB-153821 Lighting Insertion tool inserts in Layer Plane with 3D Z Orientation
VB-153844 Icons in Resource Manager don't show with the list view.
VB-153867 Site Model Sculpting - Edit Mode of TINN Mesh stays turned on upon exit
VB-153876 VW freezes when trying to create a new custom plug-in in the Plug-in Manager.
VB-153885 Viewports show out-of-date on file open
VB-153898 2D Components of Flipped Plugins Get Oriented Incorrectly in Recent Builds
VB-153901 Space label shows incorrect style
VB-153912 Hanging position attachment
VB-153914 2D Components: Hide Details Quick Pref button should be renamed to match the new document preference
VB-153921 Image Effects lost on one Viewport when Foreground Render set to Hidden Line
VB-153929 *Crash clicking the, "image EffectsR30;" button in the OIP when it's grayed out
VB-153942 2019 Hidden Line Sketch effects not showing
VB-153950 CW Space: Switching the Auto-Boundary popup to "Pick BoundaryR30;" dousn't work.
VB-153955 The detail level changes in OpenGL Options does not render the scene correctly
VB-153956 The texture changes in OpenGL Options does not render the scene correctly
VB-153957 VW crashes when offsetting 3D Polygon
VB-153970 Out of Date Border on Viewports does not turn off
VB-153976 Questions about Data tag tool.
VB-154001 Use Full Screen option is turned off when launching VW.
VB-154013 Mac only:Ok button in the Title Block Border Settings dialog is gray
VB-154027 Duplicate Array Dialog for Walls Shows the Arrow Graphic Incorrectly in 2019
VB-154036 Crash on LW Data Exchange
VB-154038 Lighting Instrument Insertion Tool pre-insertion preview is not rendering symbol orientation properly
VB-154050 DataViz Regression 2019
VB-154065 Offset Tool Crash
VB-154071 Object variables ovhidedetail/ovhidenondetail don't work anymore in VW 2019
VB-154073 OIP of Outlet tool visibility issues before refresh
VB-154094 Navigation Graphics set to Best Performance: Camera Match photo image display issues
VB-154099 Missed version number in Migration Manager
VB-154115 OIP for point cloud "Isolate" feature not updating in Windows correctly. Updates fine in Mac
VB-154124 [Mojave] Selection Highlighting Flashing when Modifying Clip Cube
VB-154129 The layer popup on the OIP fails
VB-154130 working file crashes when trying to check out viewport already checked out
VB-154138 About the Number Stamp symbol of Data tag tool.
VB-154155 Selection Highlighting shows a lot of flickering when AM tool is active [Mojave]
VB-154170 Window Style: Select from Catalog Dialog Crash
VB-154174 Beam and Spread control missing
VB-154175 Mojave test - Viewports don't show final rendering without changing between files
VB-154198 OpenGL Rendering Problem in Perspective
VB-154202 Program crashed when importing LW data
VB-154207 Crash on LW Data Exchange
VB-154238 OpenGL textures with transparency do not cast shadows in 2019
VB-154240 Creating a new Plug-in Style from an unstyled instance sets 2D Component Options to "by instance"
VB-154248 Editing the 2D Component of a Plug-in Style goes to the wrong component
VB-154252 PIOs that set the kObjXPropPreserveContents property lose user-provided Top/Plan 2D components
VB-154255 Offset Tool Crash and Incorrect Offset Direction
VB-154256 Beta Undo Alert - Loading referenced files causes undo alert 9
VB-154273 OpenGL Edges Fail to Get Hidden Between Adjacent Objects in SP2
VB-154275 SLSVP: atifacts show on off Classes
VB-154289 *VW will crash if you select a title block style in the Title Block Manager
VB-154290 Wrong elevation of lighting device when attaching it on a hanging position with Z elevation
VB-154306 clicking on build list in instrument summary crashes VW
VB-154308 Filterable combo box contents will be incorrect after performing a search as you type
VB-154310 OIP error with ACAD symbol
VB-154316 Spotlight Numbering - Tabbing goes Suffix - Start - Prefix
VB-154352 Structural Member Tool in Rigging Toolset is broken when using Spotlight License
VB-154355 Some texts in Notes manager and Space tool are incorrect.
VB-154362 Random Crash on Quit in VW2019 SP0
VB-154367 Revision Data EditR30; button not working
VB-154400 Display problem in object info while selecting a symbol.
VB-154422 AutoTURN: crash in CMenu_EventSink::FEOCallback (converting Nurbs)
VB-154425 Lighting Symbols - Placing Lighting Instruments
VB-154427 crash in TMenuBar::GetContextMenu
VB-154434 Section Viewport Plane Graphics Show Geometry from Invisible Objects
VB-154475 In OIP, unnecessary adjustment bars are displayed with macOS.
VB-154478 Square Modify to Symbol: Object Info Palette
VB-154495 VW crashes on Edit Lighting Device Dialog with non-homogeneous selection.
VB-154510 2019 Files with Instrument Summaries that are Exported Back to 2018 Cause 2018 to Instantly Crash
VB-154565 OIP distortion persists
VB-154578 Problems with Older files opening in 2019 with Mohave
VB-154595 Canceling the Insert Truss Tool Breaks the Undo System
VB-154612 Fit Top/Bottom of Space to Objects command crashing on Windows 10
VB-154617 Impossible to import from BIMobject
VB-154631 Export/Publish to PDF using format PDF/A-1b doesn't export
VB-154638 BimObject Issue - Download not working and application hang
VB-154639 Section Viewport Cut Graphics Missing
VB-154668 Section Viewport Fails to Show All Plane Geometry in Recent SP1/SP2 Builds
VB-154676 Invisible VPs displaying
VB-154719 Mac OS 10.14 Mojave - crashes updating section viewports
VB-154796 Mac OS 10.14 Mojave - Updating rendered viewports causes crash, after closing and reopening test file
VB-154821 When "Fit Top(Bottom) of Space to Objects R30;" is executed, VW crashes. Windows only
About Vectorworks. Vectorworks first began under another name-Graphsoft-and was founded by Richard Diehl in 1985. Working on the new Mac, their first program was named MiniCAD. Due to the similarity to the company Graphisoft-which was also developing CAD on Macs-Diehl changed the name to Diehl Graphsoft. The company would undergo one final name change in the late 1990s with the move to Windows, when it became Vectorworks.
Newly christened Vectorworks was soon acquired by parent company Nemetschek of Germany in 2000. It was the first US-based subsidiary of Nemetschek, joining the company's network of over 40 branches throughout Europe. Vectorworks has since boasted of creating one of the first CAD programs and the first cross-platform CAD application. While they started out predominantly targeting architects, Vectorworks soon moved towards more industry-focused products. The success of this is noted in the 650,000 or more designers currently relying on Vectorworks technology.
While Vectorworks might be a minority in the general CAD market, it is a pioneer in the world of BIM. In fact, it stands as the leading BIM application in the UK. Vectorworks is one of the only products that currently combines a BIM model with GIS and urban planning information. It targets a variety of industries including architecture, entertainment, lighting, rendering and landscape.
Though less well known than major players such as Autodesk or Dassault Syst?mes, Vectorworks is undoubtedly a leading developer in the CAD and BIM sectors.
About Vectorworks, Inc. Vectorworks, Inc. is a global design and BIM solutions provider serving over 650,000 professionals in the architecture, landscape and entertainment industries. Since 1985, we've been committed to helping designers capture inspiration, nurture innovation, communicate effectively and bring their visions to life. With our cross-platform software, designers can build data-rich, visual models without sacrificing the design process, while collaborating efficiently throughout the project life-cycle. Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, with offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Newbury, England and London, England, Vectorworks is a part of the Nemetschek Group.
Product: Vectorworks
Version: 2019 SP1 (version 24.0.1)
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :

Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Size: 2.3 Gb

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