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Elite Close Combat Training: Guerrilla Grappling
Elite Close Combat Training: Guerrilla Grappling
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Instructor: Chris Pizzo

How ancient Gladiators, Samurai and other deadly warriors in history made themselves near-invincible in a fight

"Elite Close Combat Training: Guerrilla Grappling"

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Ancient Fighting Secrets Used By Roman Gladiators And Japanese Samurai Lets You Break, Smash And Even KILL Anyone Who Dares Lay A Hand On You

This may be the most hard-core self defense news you have ever heard. In this course Im going to show you a new (although it is over 2,000 years old), and different way to have almost super hero like abilities in a fight break another mans neck with ease and cause him such unbearable agony he may even black out from the shock

What Will I Learn?
- Deadly super chokes that can squeeze the fight out of anyone (of ANY size) in 30 seconds or less. (It sounds freaky... but you can literally watch the breath hiss out of him like air from a punctured balloon.)
- How to grab someones arm in a secret way that will make him feel like someone stabbed it with a steak knife!
- How to pop someones neck tendons... sending even a 300-pound psychopath into a fetal position and desperately hoping you dont finish him off. (This is no joke. You can make the tendons in his neck stretch and snap like rubber bands. This is dam near the most brutal fighting move Ive ever seen -- anywhere.)
- A secret magic grip that makes tossing even bigger and fatter men as easy and effortless as throwing your dirty clothes in the hamper.
- How to twist a mans body around in a way that activates all his nerve endings and pain receptors.
- A sneaky joint leverage secret that lets you snap a mans arm like a pencil.
- Wrist locks so painful hell feel like his hand was chopped off!
- A one movement secret throw that uses another mans strength and size to YOUR advantage. (Nobody knows for sure... but I suspect this MIGHT be how those super gladiators were able to fight man-eating lions in the coliseums. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure -- it works like gangbusters in a fight.)
- Nasty, fight-ending grips thatll destroy his ability to move or even think -- much less attack you.
- How to turn your forearm into a personal crowbar to move bigger, stronger guys wherever you want them to go (including straight down to the asphalt -- crushing his bones directly on impact!)
- A special arm lock that is all but impossible to defend against or escape from.
- How to easily escape from supposedly impossible holds and submissions. (Youll laugh at any punk who grabs you from behind in the dark thinking you or your family are easy pickings.)
- An almost unknown way of using your pinky fingers to slam stronger men right on their heads.
- How to bounce your way out of a vice-like choke hold! (Not only can you escape... but you can actually turn the tables and start choking THEM instead. Heres how.)
- An easy-as-pie, girl throw that lets you put even the biggest guy flat on his back, bleeding all over the concrete and begging for medical attention.
- The anywhere, anytime throw. When in doubt go to this EASY throw and send your opponent sailing! (And crush his chest when he lands if you wish.)
- What to do if someone tries to strangle you from behind.
- How to entangle even experienced ground fighters and grapplers with a secret move I guarantee theyve NEVER seen before. (NOTE: More and more criminals are learning grappling and ground fighting. When you encounter one of these street punks, just do this and the fight is over.)
- The exact thing you MUST do if someone grabs your wrist. (Your wrist is usually one of the first body parts to get grabbed. Just use this dirty little grappling trick and you can drop even the strongest guy like a sack of potatoes!)
- The secret place you can grab ANYONE to slam them right on their neck. (This little-talked-about spot is the achilles heel of any human being you fight.)
- How to grab someone so securely that he will think your hand has been crazy glued to him. (No matter how big and tough he is... he CANNOT escape from this -- leaving him completely at your mercy to do whatever you want to him.)
- A little-known part of your attackers clothes that will let you control and dominate him right out the gate -- and toss him anywhere you want.
- The pendulum secret that works great if you cant run or just want to finish someone off before the cops arrive.
- What to do if you mess up a move, grip or throw during a fight. (The 1994 US Olympic Judo team personally showed me this secret. And it lets you turn even a mistake to your advantage.)
- The lazy mans guide to putting someone down on the ground so hard theyll be near paralyzed from the pain. (The perfect move if youre out of shape or just want to end the fight ASAP.)
- The WORST place to grab someone in a fight. (Unfortunately, even military grappling trainers do this.
- Simple, cheap trick throws that work almost every single time theyre used (no matter who youre fighting).
- How to win fights against bigger attackers by pulling them on TOP of you while on the ground. (Nobody would think to do this, yet it gives you an almost 100 guarantee you will win a fight.)
- An especially nasty (and even deadly move) that cuts off someones air supply with one simple movement.
- How to prevent someone from pulling a gun, knife or other weapon on you when you have them on the ground.
- A bread and butter grappling move that works like magic if taken down to the ground or if someone sneaks up and chokes you from behind.
- An extremely painful wrenching secret, you can use to injure (or even break) a mans neck who has you pinned down.
- Little-known, competition illegal surprise moves that let you dislocate or severely injure wrists, necks, knees, and joints on another mans body. (Six months of physical therapy and he might be ready to walk, write with a pencil, or use a fork again.)


Elite Close Combat Training: Guerrilla Grappling

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