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A Bug Free Mind - Andy Shaw

A Bug Free Mind - Andy Shaw
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The simplest way to define this system is:-

"A system of thought which gives you back control of your own natural success mindset, so that you can begin again creating 'on purpose' instead of 'by accident.' It is also the shortcut to total self & life mastery... Where you can learn in weeks what has traditionally taken years."

"A Bug Free Mind - Andy Shaw"

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But before you read more please understand that these words will not do justice to what this system will do for your life in general...
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"What If You Have A Success Killing Virus Running About In Your Mind That's Literally killing Off Your Ability To Create The Life Of Your Dreams?"
How would you like to know the simple difference between ALL successful and ALL unsuccessful people?

As once you know it, then it is the first step to becoming a naturally successful person again.

You see I discovered a few things which helped me see how I could
show an unsuccessful person some new ways of thinking, which would
completely reverse the problem: -

I discovered that ALL successful people didn't have something that unsuccessful people still had to go and get. Instead they had something which unsuccessful people once had too. However, unsuccessful people had just unconsciously chosen to get rid of it!

I discovered that unsuccessful people had allowed life, their parents, their friends, their peer group, their teachers and the media to program them to fail, resulting in them appearing to remain stuck in life.

I discovered that everything that unsuccessful people would do would not work. In other words, if they were not already a successful person, then they may as well not try, because what they were doing was guaranteed to fail.

I discovered that successful people had similar problems to unsuccessful people too. But in other areas of their lives. They could be a financial success, but not be able to hold a relationship together, or not be able to speak with their children.

I discovered that knowledge wasn't the answer to success, that success is a simple process that all successful people did on auto-pilot. - That they were able to do it because they didn't have a success killing virus inside their minds.

I discovered that everyone including you has a natural success mindset. - That you are born successful and that society robs you more of your birthright with every day you live. This means that as an unsuccessful person and to a lesser degree a successful person ages. That their ability to create success diminishes.

I discovered that this happens despite their acquisition of new knowledge!

In other words, you & they learn more to try and become successful or just more successful, but the older they get the harder it is for them to succeed. This is what is referred to in the saying 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks.' This is because the 'old dogs' mind has got too much stuff in the way.

It is the same reason an employer will often not employ from within but look for a new person or will employ a younger person to do the job... People will often say the person lacks experience, and they could be right maybe the employer got it wrong. But the employer does it because they are looking for a person with a fresh mind which is ready to absorb.

So the build up of junk as they age means that what they try fails.

Then they summon up all the motivation again six months later. They learn something new and then that fails. Then they repeat this again and again until at some point they resign themselves to the fact which they have convinced themselves is now true to them.
Unsuccessful People - "Ok, I accept it, I'm just not cut out for success!"

Successful People - "Ok, maybe I just can't do that!"

All these discoveries led me to understand the following startling statement: -

"That unless you are a successful person already (either now or will become one). That no book can teach you to become successful! That everything you do in your life will fail! Or will only succeed for a while before eventually failing!"

I discovered that society's program was designed by accident to create a world of people who are not destined to succeed.

I discovered that the ones who did succeed were actually the failures, as they had failed society's program. They failed it simply because of something they had protecting them from it!

Now before I explain this, this isn't a 'BIG BROTHER' situation, it is just a slow unconscious program that has been grown from the minds of unsuccessful people which have tried and failed to teach other people how to succeed.

This is like trying to grow the best crops with the lowest quality seeds.

Now I don't mean this in a nasty way, and I am not saying that the people teaching it are not trying to teach it. I'm just saying how can someone who has not succeeded teach you how to succeed?

I'm not talking about the successful people teaching, I am talking about people trying to succeed teaching others how to try and succeed.

Which brings me to the teachings of the people who have succeeded.

The Success Teachers Can't Teach You To Become Successful

So why is it then, that they can't teach success to the people who haven't succeeded?
You think they can right? No they can't. They just appear to be able to teach it to a few. But the secret is, that those few would've become successful anyway WITHOUT the teachers help.
This means that, the success teachers can do it, but they can't teach it.
~Their methods do not change the mind of an unsuccessful person, their methods can only release the mind of an already successful person.~

Which means that, unless you are already a successful person, that their training WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU PERIOD!
You don't believe me right?

Well that's not quite true... The truth is don't want to believe me as if you did then what the heck would you do? I don't want to believe I am going to die, as I had plans to live forever, unfortunately I won't so the fact's are what the fact's are.

So them not being able to teach it happens to be the truth, you don't want to believe me... Because deep down you actually already doubted if they really could teach it to you. You see that's your instinct speaking to you, telling you that this won't work...

But unfortunately you and all of us have two 'other' voices in our minds.

The Two Other Voices In Our Minds

One is there to help us, and this is soft and quite and speaks in feelings and flashes of inspiration - it speaks in our natural language. This voice is there to help us. And this voice speaks only when we need to know things. But it doesn't speak the language we use....

So we have to be able to understand the language it speaks to us in. We were born speaking this language, but as we grew society taught us to speak a different language. The language everyone else around us speaks. We have been trained to use a man-made language that is not natural to us...
So we have a voice in our minds which is there to help us, but it speaks in a foreign language which we have forgotten how to understand. And unfortunately this voice is drowned out by the other voice which is far louder.

This other voice speaks to us in our language and is easy for us to understand and therefore easy to listen to. However, unfortunately this voice is not helping us... As it's the voice that tells us to be afraid, that this or that won't work. That we are going to fail and we are going to be ripped off, and that we will be worse off than we are now.

This voice 'thinks' it's there to help you. But is actually keeping you stuck where you are in life and is preventing your success. and this voice speaks to you all the time! It sows the seeds of your own failure!
Do you still not want to believe me that the success teachers can't help you? Then it's easy for me to prove. Lets look at their results.

Looking At The Success Teachers Success Rates

If a class had 100 children and they all studied for years and then when it came to their final exams 99 of the children failed. Would you think that all the children were just not capable, or would you think that the teachers couldn't teach it to them?

This is actually a greater success rate than the teachers of success achieve! The results are far worse than a 1% success rate... Which of course in most peoples opinion is a total failure anyway!

Just imagine if you sent your children to a school and it had that failure rate. Would it be the children or the teachers who you thought were at fault?
It's so obviously the teachers, but the problem is that they don't understand that they can't teach it. They still think they can, and they think that 1% will get it. What they don't know is...
~ The 1% would have got it anyway without them. ~

What the teachers have yet to wake up to and face the facts of is this. That their method of teaching success has failed, and they need to retrain at how to teach what they know. As they do know how to do it! They just do not know how to teach it!

Is that enough proof for you or do you need some more facts and figures? If you do then you can read this article I put up to explain it further Click Here to read it

The answer for this came to me when I noticed that successful people didn't know how they became successful. They thought they did. But when I asked them, they could only give me the steps they took. You see they became successful on auto-pilot. Using their natural success mindset!
So they try and teach people success who have lost touch with their natural success mindset, this is like trying to scoop up air into the middle of the room! It is impossible to do! Which is why they are getting such poor results.
So Why Could Some Succeed When The Majority Could Not

I was already a successful person when I first discovered that less than 1% of people will ever succeed in life. And I became fascinated with why I could do it, and why they (virtually everyone else) couldn't.
Then after being fascinated and looking at this for several years... I realised that unsuccessful people could be successful in several areas of their life, but unsuccessful in what the common view of success was.
So they could be a success and a failure at a lot of different things at the same time... And so could successful people. So this made me realise that in fact everyone was still in touch with parts of their natural success mindset.
That's when I got it!

A success mindset is not about something new you've got to get, getting a success mindset is about you getting back something you had from the day you were born.

Because you, me, everyone needed back our natural success mindset for one or more areas of our lives. We didn't need something new, we had to just get back what we had lost!

Then I discovered the solution which lead me to understand it all in a way I could explain it, so that you would get it and much more importantly, that you would be able to actually do something with the knowledge.
I discovered that different parts of societies program had stuck to different people.
Some people still retained their ability for financial success, some retained their ability to find a successful partner, some retained their ability to not eat excessively. In other words virtually everyone, if not everyone was a success at something whilst failing at other things.
This fascinated me. And I wanted to know why. Then I found the answer to why it is impossible to teach an unsuccessful person how to become successful.

Why You Have Not Succeeded Yet

Simple... You have a virus in your mind.

And the virus is preventing you from becoming successful.

You attempt to become successful by loading good new training, or a business opportunity, or studying relationship mastery, or moving to a new job. But none of it works. You have minor improvements, and you convince yourself that it is working...

But when you zoom out and look at your life you see you have not progressed at all...

Why do you think it is people don't take account of their lives each year... It is because they would not like what they see... So the nasty voice inside your head convinces you to not check on your progress... As it likes you staying where you are.

Basically whatever you want and whatever you try and learn to do to become successful is being prevented by this virus from being loaded into your mind.
You can intellectually know all the answers, but you cannot make the systems run. For some mysterious reason they just don't work for you...You sense that you are 'doing something wrong', that you are 'nearly there.'

And you're right you are, this is your good voice letting you know you're nearly there. But the answer always appears to be 'around the next corner', you just can't quite understand why it doesn't work... No matter what it is you do!

And the reason no matter what you attempt to do doesn't and won't ever work is really simple... It is:-
...You are loading good software onto a computer which has a virus.
No matter how much new good software you load into your mind, it will never work. Because there's a virus in there destroying whatever you put in.
So what you've been doing is adding in something you know which works... It then fails and you wrongly conclude that 'you cannot succeed'.

You have not been able to fix this, because you did not know it was there! In effect it's invisible... How could you therefore ever fix a problem you couldn't see?
Could any computer run a program successfully if there was a virus preventing it working? Of course not, and it would be insane to try!
But what if you didn't know there was a virus running on the computer. What if nobody knew? What if everybody had a virus and because we were all the same that none of us could see it? Then we would just keep loading good software onto a computer with the virus wouldn't we?
It is insane and of course it will never work, however, we can be forgiven for doing something insane because we didn't know.

However, we can't be forgiven for continuing once we know.
What this means is that, any new knowledge you are adding into your mind right now isn't going to work UNTIL you get the virus out.

That's whatever book your reading, whatever course your studying, whatever business your building, whatever job you're doing.

You have a virus in your mind which is preventing your success despite your efforts to succeed. Do you get this as it is very powerful stuff!
However, once you remove the virus then it all changes. Then you can load up any new program and it'll work. Once the virus has gone and you are 'Bug Free' then you have back your natural success mindset.
...The same one you had when you learnt to walk!

You Learnt To Walk Didn't You?
You won't remember it, but when you learnt to walk you had your success mindset fully intact...

Consider this...It was impossible for you to fail to learn to walk, we all succeeded.

We were totally focused on the end goal and made it work.

This is a success mindset, this is a natural success mindset. And we ALL had it once.

My job was to write a process that gave it back to you!
And that is exactly what it does and more! Which is why I know that if you have got this far reading this then you have to at least give it a try... Especially as I couldn't make it much easier than giving you a six month money back guarantee on it... could I?
My Bug Free Process, gives you back your NATURAL SUCCESS MINDSET.
Where you once failed you will now be able to succeed, it is like a before and after switch. Before having this 'new way of thinking' the lights were switched off. When you have it, the lights are switched on.
Before you were fumbling around in the dark trying to find where and how to succeed. Now you have the lights on and you can simply decide which sort of success you want.

But it's more than that, not only does it switch the lights on...'s a permanent switch.
It's impossible to go back as once you learn this new way of thinking it 'automatically protects you'. Just the same way your current way of thinking 'automatically harms you'.
It does it without effort on auto-pilot, you just have to learn to think differently using a series of simple and easy thought techniques and give yourself time to go and practice them. That's it!
So if you are looking to succeed in life in one, more or all areas then this is -

Creating & Using A Bug Free Mind
The Simple Shortcut To Total Self Mastery

It turns you back into a success driven person - just like you were when you learnt to walk

It removes all doubt's worries, fears from your mind - don't just skim over that. This process means you will never fear, worry, stress or be anxious about anything again. Think about that.

It shows you how to create the perfect design for the rest of your life. So that you can live every single day knowing you are heading in the right direction. It explains how to naturally plan out what you want to achieve from life. So that you get it all and feel wonderful

It removes completely all your self limiting beliefs, and any self esteem issues just fall away as they are now seen as worthless

You stop considering what other people will think of you, so you are able to just do it without mental anguish

You are able to let go of your past, if you've made mistakes you do not think you will make them again. So you are free to just succeed.

You are also able to let go of any pain from your past. A bad childhood, a bad relationship. These will dissolve and you will be free to move forward without carrying this baggage with you

You will no longer think you are not worthy, instead you will decide to have what you want. You won't think you will, you'll know you will.

You will see past all of your doubts by removing with ease your self-limiting beliefs

However, your biggest fear is... That this won't work, that you won't succeed, and that if you try to succeed that you'll be worse off than you are now!
Well consider this, you weren't afraid when you learnt to walk were you?

That's because you knew you would succeed. You're going to get that same mindset again. You're going to KNOW you are going to succeed about ANYTHING you choose to succeed at.
I've written this system in a way that is designed to teach it so that you get it, that you instinctively get it on a subconscious level. These books are written using a teaching technique my Dad taught me. It is as far as I know a unique method of teaching which sort of reveals the solutions to you so that you feel you already knew them - most of the time you did know them!

A Unique Teaching Technique For A New Way Of Thinking
You see my Dad was a school teacher and I always thought it was a poor choice of profession, yet here I am teaching.

But he taught me a way of teaching so that ALL students could learn and apply it! And I will always be grateful for what he gave me, as now I can teach you things that may currently seem impossible for you to do... but you'll be able to do them just the same!

I have come across the information I share in multiple books, in fact I've read several hundred books on success and personal development. But in all the books I have never come across anyone who has taught it in the way I do here. I don't know why they don't as it's obvious to me that it should be taught this way. But they don't.

Now this process was very difficult to figure out. As I had to give you the right tools in the right amounts and in the right order so that your mind could accept what it was being shown and absorb this new way of thinking.
What's more you won't want to rush through these books, as they are not books that you want to get to the end of so that you can start another book. You'll probably want to read, and re-read several times as the magic isn't on the last page. The magic is on every single page and as you dip in and dip out of sections you'll find that the bit you needed to hear for where you were struggling was the point at which you opened the book!
Now you may be thinking that learning a new way of thinking sounds hard. I want to assure you it isn't. I am a great follower of 'the law of least effort', I continuously look for ways to make my life easier and simpler.
When I explain something I make it easy to understand. I am often criticised by people saying, "You could've used half as many words to explain that point. I've heard that point explained a dozen times before!"
Then in their very next sentence they say to me, "but since reading your books I can actually do the things I learnt years ago. You seemed to make it work for me!"

What I do is make it easy for you to apply.
The reason I 'foolishly' use the extra words to explain it (as some people chose to think) , is I am overcoming invisible barriers in your mind.
Thoughts you don't notice, because you've thought them so often. Thoughts that you would unconsciously think which would have actually prevented the technique from working, had I been 'economic' with my description and not removed the invisible barrier.

So I've made this easy for you to absorb!

And I get rid of the problems to you achieving it without you even noticing them half the time. So you just get the result. Basically you just have to read and apply the techniques until you feel like you are ready to move on.
What Will The Bug Free Process Do For Me?

It will fix that which you CANNOT and will never be able to fix!

One of my favourite things to do in life is to fix what others cannot fix. So I love fixing this for you!

This will turn you with ease from being an unsuccessful person, into being a successful one
This will ensure that your life changes instantly, or rather from about 3 chapters in you will feel the first change in your whole mindset
This is the magical missing piece which you are searching for. I know that sounds like hype, but it just happens to be the truth as I am sure you will tell me as so may others do too
This will give you back your natural success mindset, so that you can live in peace, happiness and certainty that you will get all you want from life

So What's The Problem?
"But it'll be another 'shelf-help' book!"
Yes you're right, if you let your mind sabotage what your subconscious mind has given you, then yes you are right. I have done all I can do to get you to read or listen to the system. In fact there is a message to you on the very first page of the book which is designed to prevent the book ever getting to the shelf...
"But I don't have the time to read it!"
That's your self-sabotage kicking in again. Have you forgotten that I said that everything you are doing and will do to create your success for the rest of your life will fail?

That in fact ALL you are doing right now is loading good software onto a computer with a virus. And that unless you wipe the virus off that there is no point putting more knowledge onto it. You have all the time you need, as frankly there is nothing more important you have to read and listen to than this.

Think about it this way. "Can I just load on one more piece of software before I get the virus wiped off?" No of course not, if you've got a virus then once it's identified you have to get it off before doing anything else, otherwise all new work could be lost.

So you have all the time needed, as once you understand the problem like you should do now, then it should become fairly obvious that getting the virus off is the very first thing you must do...
"Well I don't believe you can teach me this!"
Then access the 1st 5 chapters for free right now. 91%+ of people go on to buy the books after reading those. They explain who I am and why I know I can offer you something which no one else can.
"But I've failed before!"
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